Exactly how many fuel treatments exist that dramatically lower emissions whilst delivering substantial fuel economy?


Just one! Oxytane®

Independent tests performed on various types of engines around the world have confirmed that Oxytane® has a dramatic and positive effect on any engine, enhancing fuel economy and performance, whilst reducing emissions.

What is Oxytane?

Unlike other chemicals added to fuel (Octane Boosters and Fuel Additives), Oxytane® is designed for one purpose – to stabilise the density of fuel, leading to a cleaner and more energy efficient burn. Oxytane® is the result of over 20 years of intense research and development.

Leading the Change (Testimonials)

Early adopters of Oxytane® have discovered the results:

Independent test results and early industry adopters have reported as much as 25%+ reduction in emissions and 25%+ improvement in fuel economy, along with an increase in performance and reduced maintenance costs.

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Oxytane® is Fully Certified

We offer a unique product, fully certified and the result of over 20 years of intensive research and development.