A global Dilemma: Emissions

In today’s world of hydrocarbon fuels, which unfortunately is a constant consumable in our everyday lives and drives the engines of our world keeping our planets population on the move, our industries polluting in the name of profit and progress all in the absence of newer cleaner less polluting technology and fuels which are available but financially out of reach to the general population.

Emissions controls and reduction on a global scale is a global dilemma shared by all the world powers and peoples of their country, it’s an issue that effect everyone on our planet and a major dilemma that has to be solved for the future prosperity of our world and all its inhabitants. It seems that the problems and issues at the heart of the matter dominate the gatherings attended by the member states of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement to reduce fuel emissions with little or no tangible solutions.  The member states of these accords set themselves a 20 year time line to reduce global fuel emissions by 20%, the said time line of 20 years expires in 2024 with no real actionable solution in site.  We, the people and citizens of our world are all experiencing the same problems, fuel efficiency, economy and emissions are a topic that is ever present in our daily lives. It’s true that vehicle and engine manufacturers are striving to produce ever more efficient engines to produce increased economy and reduced emissions, however, if these more efficient engines are using the same contaminated fuels used today, the emissions problem will still be present albeit on a slightly reduced level but not eliminated.

In the absence of a cleaner more efficient fuel that can solve the global emissions problem, we, at Innovative Chemicals Limited have brought to the world market a product that has been engineered and developed by a brilliant man who dedicated 20 plus years of his life to produce a fuel additive that neutralizes the impurities in fuels today that cause emissions. The product is called OXYTANE and has numerous benefits to its users.

We all need to ask ourselves the following questions, if I had a cost effective environmentally friendly product that I could add to the fuel I consume every day that will reduce the fuel emissions I create by simply driving my car by 40% to 60% plus with almost immediate effect, would I use it?

If using a product that has an added benefit of increasing my vehicles fuel economy by a minimum of 20% up to an incredible 60% plus, would I use it?

If using a product that cleans out the carbon deposits built up in my engine over time, restoring the original economy as when my vehicle was new, would I use it?

If using a product that creates and adds additional horse power to my vehicle, would I use it?

If using a product that adds to my driving pleasure by giving me smoother faster acceleration and a more responsive drive, would I use it?

If using a product affords me the inclusive benefits of noticeable less smoking from my exhaust, noise reduction and less vibration, would I use it?

These are rhetorical questions and of course the answer would be yes!!!!!

All these combined benefits rolled up in one product = OXYTANE

Not only with OXYTANE but with any product that can have a positive environmental and financial effect like OXYTANE can and does produce would be a welcomed positive development for the environment and people in general. We must consider that planet Earth is a living breathing world and is a wonder of the planets that as far as we know is the only planet that can sustain all life with a fragile eco system that is eroding the one thing we all take for granted, Oxygen.   If we, the citizens of this Earth don’t take care of the world we have and continue polluting without any regard of the consequences we are causing for the future generations of all life on earth, the results will be dramatic and catastrophic. The future we will have created will not be something to be proud of as a legacy for the future of mankind and all life on earth.

Our World is a fragile and constantly moving living breathing cycle of life, precious in every sense to all life and living organisms on Earth.  At current levels of pollution going unchecked and allowed to continue is seriously chocking our world and eroding the quality of air all life depends on. We at Innovative Chemicals Limited have brought OXYTANE to the world market as a small and humble contribution and interim solution to restoring a healthier world with increased lung capacity to be able to help sustain our way of life for many generations to come.  OXYTANE is not a complete answer to emissions controls and global warming but goes a long way towards improving our environment by dramatically reducing the fuel emissions that we all create in modern life today.  

Where would we be if we just keep taking from Mother Earth that just keeps giving and sustaining us but we do nothing to sustain and maintain the fragile environment we live in.  OXYTANE is a small step in the right environmental direction that is scientifically proven to afford its user all the benefits stated by simply adding it to your fuel and saving money whilst you do it.

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