Environmental, Social & Governance

All Companies have an obligation to be more environmentally conscious, and they are more insistent on proving to investors and the wider landscape they have a role to play in reducing emissions.

The Decarbonisation Puzzle

With decades of research and ambition behind it, Oxytane has become an important piece of the decarbonisation puzzle.

A carbon-cutting fuel treatment, Oxytane is not only easing environmental, social and governance (ESG) headaches, but is also reducing fuel consumption and improving engine performance of all engines across the world.

Companies could fork out less for fuel with a product that already inherently reduces the emission of toxic fumes into the environment.

This circular efficiency renders Oxytane a versatile ESG solution for companies chasing a smarter, more vigilant operation.

it’s important to note that whatever the industry, investors are increasingly drawn to companies that actively embrace ESG policies.

Access To Capital

ESG strategies are now a fundamental consideration for success, shareholder value, product and operations differentiations and improved access to capital.

Not only does Oxytane improve any companies bottom line – through proven fuel economy and reductions in maintainence costs, it also offers a more attractive proposition for investors across all industries.

Public companies who float on the markets that display decreased overheads and thus broader profit margins on their earnings call also gain from increased share prices.

Global challenges that industries seek to solve through innovation have always existed...

We believe none are more so challenging than the global climate change and emission reduction challenge because we’ve heard from so many experts that the time to act is now.

We no longer have the luxury to perfect the ‘how’, and there are so many solutions in development. Oxytane is available here and now as solution which is both economically viable and works.