Euro VI trucks STILL don’t meet the emission limits on the road

In 2021 the Technical University of Graz carried out testing on behalf of T&E and they uncovered that The IVECO truck does not comply with the Euro VI NOx emission limit set out by the EU.

This is unfortunate news for the entire haulage industry. Many firms were banking on these new lines of trucks being the answer to the emissions problem as they look to renew fleets in the coming year.

“The truck exceeded the on-road NOx emission limit (690 mg/kWh) by 11%, emitting 768 mg/kWh on the test. The high NOx emissions measured during this test mean that the truck is non-compliant with the Euro VI D regulation.”

Emissions during the urban part of the test were at least double the Euro VI NOx emission limit. This indicates that even Euro VI D trucks can emit large amounts of toxic NOx pollution when driving in towns or cities.”

This is not only highly concerning for public health as 50,000 people in Europe die prematurely every year due to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution – but also for the industry at large as it tries to clean-up.

Cities where many goods and services are transported in via road networks results in poor air quality without a tangible solution. Europe’s largest cities trucks and buses account for 20-36% of transport NOx2 emissions and contribute to the air pollution crisis.

Banning all trucks, buses and larger vehicles is clearly NOT an option. Critical supplies, food, medicines, fuel etc all reach their final destinations by road.
Oxytane offers a solution, a simple product that will not only directly reduce toxic exhaust emissions but also alleviate the pressures on the haulage industry as they scramble to find the capital investment required for the extremely costly upgrade of their entire fleets – which given the report, may end up being pointless if the new Euro VI models are under performing.

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