Full Stack Emissions Testing – Environmental Compliance Limited (ECL)

Innovative Chemicals the global distributor of Oxytane is engaging with ECL to undertake a series of before and after full stack emissions tests using Oxytane on ships at sea.

These accredited tests will present the most comprehensive and compelling evidence for the need to adopt Oxytane as a viable solution for reducing emissions in the marine world.

It will provide the critical evidence required to shipping corporations large and small that there is a solution to the emissions problem – right here, right now with Oxytane.

These tests are set to be carried out on several marine ships. Along with the accredited testing carried out be the ECL the operational fleet manager will also be playing close attention to the fuel economy pre and post the introduction of Oxytane in their engines.

Furthermore – ECL have also expressed excitement for a real solution for the decarbonisation question currently facing the maritime industry.

ECL are one of the longest-running, largest and most trusted providers of environmental consultancy, occupational hygiene and air emissions monitoring services in the UK. They are MCERTS and UKAS accredited and offer a range of emission testing and monitoring services.

Stack Emissions Monitoring (also commonly referred to as Stack Emissions Testing and Air Emissions Testing) is often used to demonstrate compliance against limits outlined for permitted processes (including the Environmental Permitting Regulations (2010) and the Industrial Emissions Directive (2011)).

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