New Representation for Oxytane Marine

Oxytane Marine Services (OMS) is being lead by Philip Reid & his son Sam Reid.

Mr Philip Reid has over 35 years of experience in financial services specialising in the development and funding of early stage companies. He was a Chief Executive of the National Research Development Corporation, a Government backed venture capital organisation which oversaw the exploitation of many of the UK’s leading industrial innovations. He was later a Senior Vice President of Merrill Lynch, co-Founder of Custom House Asset Management in Dublin and in recent years has been Chairman of some five AIM or Plus Listed public companies.

Sam Reid has a wide range of experience within the Maritime Industry, business developement and consultation services spanning a wide range of use cases.

Both Philip and Sam represent a huge leap forward for Oxytane and bringing it to the Maritime Industry as a tangible solution for emmision reductions.

The Oxytane Marine team has a diverse experience in and access to the commercial shipping industry from oil and L&G Tankers, ferries, to salvage and offshore oil industry services. In addition, with direct involvement in the private yacht market (including smaller pleasure craft), OMS is able to identify and target enormous fuel users, many of which are now under increasing regulatory and commercial pressure to reduce emissions to reduce their impact on climate change.

Through its wide marine network, OMS has sourced several shipowners and engine manufacturers who are currently in the process of testing Oxytane in their engines to validate and highlight the considerable impact Oxytane has in reducing emissions and equally importantly, delivering significant savings on fuel. In simple terms, ships will be able to benefit from more sea time on less fuel whilst simultaneously cutting their carbon footprint. These results are due to be published in early 2022.

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