Oxytane® International is expanding production

Today we visited our newly signed chemical manufacturing partner. Mr Satish Modi, of India’s renowned and prestigious Modi Group (Oxytane India) with Mr Ali Ismail (CEO) and Mr Nigel Fenner-Fownes (Business Development director) were in attendance.

“Through the increasing global demand for our next generation fuel treatment Oxytane®, expansion of our production facilities was needed, and we are extremely happy with our new partnership. For us this represents a marked increased capacity within our supply chain.”

Mr. Ali Ismail

The new chemical manufacturing plant boasts a daily output capacity which would treat up-to 300 million litres of fuel per day. With a further 7 acres of land onsite with plans to develop into further expansive production facilities.

"This increased capacity to meet pressing demand brings the team at Oxytane® much closer to our end goal which is to greatly reduce harmful pollutants derived from burning unbalanced liquid fuels released into our atmosphere on a global scale, whilst extending the life cycle of our finite resources."

Mr Nigel Fenner-Fownes

The Modi Group are perfectly positioned to bring this absolute game changer to India on a national scale across all industries and institutions. Mr Satish Modi will be leading the charge on combating climate change and rising global fuel prices with further plans to also bring Oxytane® to India’s domestic retail markets very soon.

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