Oxytane: the fuel efficiency trailblazers

Efficiency & optimisation

Oxytane is a fully-certified fuel treatment that reduces carbon emissions and increases fuel efficiency, improving the ESG outcomes of any mining operation.

The mining industry is underpinned by a pursuit to be better and more innovative, something driven not only by increased competition but also by a widened gaze.

While the world depends greatly on mining from an economic point of view, society at large is becoming increasingly aware of its footprint.

Mining companies have an obligation to be more environmentally conscious, and they are more insistent on proving to investors and the wider landscape they have a role to play in reducing emissions.

With decades of research and ambition behind it, Oxytane has become an important piece of the decarbonisation puzzle.

A carbon-cutting fuel treatment, Oxytane is not only easing environmental, social and governance (ESG) headaches, but is also reducing fuel consumption and improving engine performance of mine fleets across the world.

The company has built its reputation in Europe and the United States, and now it arrives in Australia at a time when the mining industry is at the net-zero coalface.

Oxytane Australia executive officer Constantine Demos says the product is a cost-effective solution for any environmental quandary.

“One of the things about environmental management is that we know that it comes at a cost and typically has an impact on profitability,” Demos tells Australian Mining.

“One of the benefits of the Oxytane solution is that it provides an environmental benefit by way of emission-reduction and actually reducing the cost by way of lower fuel consumption.

“So, it does the opposite – instead of costing you money to implement an environmental solution, Oxytane actually saves you the money to do that.”

Oxytane is an antidote to static electricity in fuel – a common efficiency killer that naturally occurs in any charged engine.

Using an anti-cavitation process, Oxytane reduces or eliminates the electrostatic positive voltage of fuel, limiting the surface tension and allowing microscopic bubbles to escape.

The result is a cleaner, more optimised liquid fuel for use in an engine.

There’s evidence to suggest mining equipment that uses Oxytane, whether it be a vehicle or generator, will benefit from efficiency gains of 25 per cent and above.

Mining companies could fork out less for fuel with a product that already inherently reduces the emission of toxic fumes into the environment.

This circular efficiency renders Oxytane a versatile ESG solution for mining companies chasing a smarter, more vigilant operation.

“I think it’s important to note that, whether it’s the mining industry or not, that investors are increasingly drawn to companies that actively embrace ESG policies,” Demos says.

“And they’re fundamental to deal success, shareholder value, product and operations differentiations and improved access to capital.

“So, with its fuel efficiency proven, I think Oxytane can have a huge benefit around mining operations as well as the bottom line for mining companies.”

While decarbonisation advances Oxytane’s cause, electrification does the opposite.

Oxytane is realistic about the risks an entirely electrified mining sector could pose to the company but believes the movement is still green.

The company’s fuel treatment could also be an important resource adjacent to electrification.

“We have thought about electrification at length and certainly Oxytane wouldn’t be needed in a fully-electrified mining world,” Demos says.

“However, we do think there’s a longer-term horizon for the development of electrification technologies that are sufficient to replace all types of combustion engines used in mining.

“I think liquid-fuel-driven engines used in power generation including recharging of electric applications will be with us for a while yet … and we think Oxytane will only complement the electrification technologies that work to reduce emissions of non-electric applications with a zero-capital outlay.”

Through testimonials and test-work, and the sustained hunger for continued research and development, Oxytane provides a trusted solution for mining companies to improve the fuel efficiency of its fleets.

And with great challenges ahead for society, it’s critical no mining operation takes sustainability for granted.

“Global challenges that industries seek to solve through innovation have always existed,” Demos says.

“We believe none are more so challenging than the global climate change and emission reduction challenge because we’ve heard from so many experts that the time to act is now.

“We really don’t have the luxury to perfect the ‘how’, and there are so many solutions out there for this. I think if a solution is both economically viable and works, then we have to try and introduce that into the market.”

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