Simple Generator Test In The UK


Normal is 1 UK gallon for 1 hour 42 min With Oxytane he then did it on idle (!) and got 1 hour 50 min , improvement of 8% (on idle).

Then with Oxytane with load (not even full load – only a dyno fan), and he now got 2 hours 16 min on a UK gallon of fuel! That is 34% increase! which is good considering the very small generator he tested on….. – and only with a gallon of fuel in it…

Reason I send this one now, is that I want to point out the HUGE market on recreational generators that in fact with only 1 or 2 ml of Oxytane can increase the time on only a gallon or two – this will be noticeable in the market.

– Author Anon

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