Test Report – Peugeot 3008 (2016) 1.2l

6-8 August 2021
Car’s total mileage
Computer’s est. of no. of miles remaining in tank
No. of miles driven
Computer estimated miles consumed
Difference between estimate and reality
323 miles
43 miles
430 miles
280 miles
150 miles

Tank capacity 53 litres. Brochure performance: 5.21 litres/100km; extra urban: 4.9l/100km; urban 6l/100km.

Lower cost
Cost of full tank at £1.30/l = £68.90 (empty to full); c.13.3% left in tank = £8.90; 430 miles driven at cost of £58.10 = 13.51p/mile. Original estimated cost would be £58.10 for 280 miles = 20.75p/mile at which price the real journey would have cost £89.23, a saving of £31.13 (less cost of Oxytane at £7.99).

More miles per litre of fuel
The figures demonstrate that the car undertook approximately 150 more miles using Oxytane than would have been possible without.

The car ran very smoothly and quietly though it is hard to say whether there was any improvement in performance.

When tank was refilled with no additional Oxytane the estimated total mileage for tank went up to 458 miles (+135 miles versus 323 miles of original full take estimate without Oxytane) and after 235 miles of driving the tank computer showed there were 223 miles left in the tank. This indicates that there were some residual benefits of using Oxytane in the previous tank.

NB: the tank computer estimates prior to using Oxytane were proven to be fairly reliable.

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