Test Report – Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE A (2006)

Test Report

Car: Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE A – 2006 – Diesel

Capacity: 2720cc Co2 (g/km) 271 G/KM

Before Oxytane

In October 2020 my Range Rover Sports performance registered as follows:

  • Averaged 13 miles per gallon.
  • Full tank 80 litres = 320 miles.
  • The car was running very badly, it sounded like a tractor, its acceleration was slow and intermittent.


With Oxytane

Test 1: I added 16ml of Oxytane to a full tank of 80 litres (1ml Oxytane per 5 litres). Including urban, motorway and A road driving, the results registered as follows:

  • Averaged 26 miles per gallon.
  • Full tank of 80 litres = 550 miles.
  • Car had stopped sounding like a tractor and the acceleration was much faster and smoother.

Test 2: My second full tank plus Oxytane the readings were as follows after driving mainly in town/urban:

  • Averaged 29 miles per gallon.
  • Full Tank 80 litres = 420 miles.


MOT exhaust emissions test results 29 July 2021

  • Engine Size: 2720
  • Odometer reading: 56984
  • Test Limit applied: 1.50 1/m
  • Absorption coefficient: 0.92 1/M
  • Absorption coefficient after correction: 0.92 1/M
  • Test result: Pass.


Emissions by using Oxytane proved 40% below the current accepted emissions. Emissions can be lowered further by the addition of a fuel filter.

The figures speak for themselves and the bonus is the car drives even better than when it was new in 2006.

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