Test Report – Audi A8 Saloon (2016)

As a professional driver I have been using Oxytane in my vehicle with continuous use for the last 2 years as of writing this report in February 2022.

The Audi is used primarily for inner city London driving with constant start stop conditions. The fuel tank capacity is 82L and every time I fill up, I use with 16.5ml of the Oxytane fuel treatment.

Prior to using Oxytane I would gain approx. 19 mpg with inner city driving. After Oxytane I receive a constant 24-25 mpg as declared by the onboard computer.

This represents a continuous 25-30% increase in fuel economy for inner city driving. Under motorway driving conditions, I would see 30-31 mpg prior to using Oxytane which increased to 47 mpg.

I also drove from the UK to Luxembourg and astoundingly achieved 734 miles on a full tank! Manufacturer’s guidelines state 500 miles on a full tank at the best level.

Since the regular use of Oxytane the car runs smoother and quieter with a definite increase in responsiveness.

As a licensed driver under PCO (Public Carrige Office) it is mandatory to carry an MOT test every 6 months whereas regular car owners are required to do an MOT once per year.

Consistently the results of the last 4 MOT emissions tests have present either zero or close to zero results on both HC (Hydrocarbons) and CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions which is far below the limits of 200ppm for HC and 0.30ppm for CO. Considering that I primarily drive in start stop conditions inner city, the results on the emission side are truly amazing.

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