Test Report – Rolls-Royce Ghost (2016)

We carried out mixed driving tests with and without Oxytane in the tank. Manufacturer’s guidelines state 14.2L of fuel for 100km of driving.

We treated the fuel with Oxytane – used on a 5000:1 ratio (Fuel to Oxytane) fuel tank capacity 82L with 16.5ml of Oxytane fuel treatment.

The results were truly astounding. We gained a 27% increase in fuel economy which provided 100km of mixed driving for just 10.4L of fuel consumed.

The car is a high end luxury car which I keep in pristine condition. The car is quick & exceptionally smooth however, with the addition of Oxytane we noticed almost immediately an increase in pickup & overall performance, staggering seeing as this is a Rolls Royce. Add to this the additional benefit of added fuel economy which I observed to be approximately 27%. I thought it wouldn’t be possible to get more miles per gallon on a car and engine of this size.

We carried out an early MOT test in order to measure the exhaust emissions after using Oxytane. Astoundingly, as the report states recorded by an authorised MOT testing station; presented almost 0% CO & just 3ppm HC on both fast idle and natural idle.

I have to admit that I was sceptical about using the product at first but after looking into the product’s institutional certifications and VOSA approved test results, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it & I’m very pleased I did.

“To all at ICL, I felt compelled to explain my experience of driving my cars using your Oxytane fuel treatment.”

- The Owner -

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