Test Report – VW Tigwan TDI (2013)

I purchased a 50ml bottle of Oxytane just prior to a trip to the North East of England which is a round trip of 460 miles, I added the recommend dose of 12.8ml to my Diesel tank prior to filling the 64ltr tank to full.

This journey on average uses the best part of a full tank of diesel – With the addition of Oxytane I used just over half a tank of diesel.

With the Oxytane added my average MPG on board readout stated 60.2 mpg, I drove to all specified speed limits, prior to using Oxytane I was getting 49.8 average on a long trip.

Running the car around local I’m now averaging 47.1 MPG compared to 39.8 prior to using Oxytane, in addition to the increased MPG the car is running far smoother and has far better throttle response, I’ll be very interested to see the particulate reading following my next MOT in September.

Using only 1ml of Oxytane per 5ltrs of fuel makes it a no brainer with the massive savings on fuel purchases in my opinion.

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