Testimonial: Mag Wheel Centre Australia


Autotechnique in Melbourne were kind enough to offer one of their Company vehicles for a before and after test of OXYTANE.

“GMH V8 Dyno test.

The vehicle was a GMH Commodore V8 and 4 runs were done with PULP (98 octane unleaded fuel) The best run was No. 1644 240.4kw@138km/hr in 3rd gear.

10ml of OXYTANE was added to the fuel tank containing 45 litres of PULP and was run on the rollers for 10 minutes to maintain engine temperatures and allow OXYTANE to mix. 4 more test runs were done and the resultof the 4th (Test 1648) was 247.9kw@138km/hr. The following graph shows the increases achieved during the tests.

Every run was an increase of 1kw to 2kw better than the previous one, even with the inevitable temperature rise caused by subsequent tests one after the other. It was also noted by Mario during these runs, that the A/F ratio was leaning out slightly but the ECU was maintaining its factory timing settings despite making more power on less fuel.

There would still be more power to come with some timing and fuel table adjustments but none the less, an impressive display of the gains that OXYTANE can achieve by simply adding to your next tank of fuel.”

Peter West.
Mag Wheel Centre Australia

About Mag Wheel Centre
The Mag Wheel Centre has been delivering Performance and Customized 3 piece wheels for over 30 years to our customers all over Australia and New Zealand.

We take pride in offering you a complete package of the best brands, technical advice, service and spare parts for all of our supply partners.

Our strong relations in the industry have allowed us to distribute, service and repair many high quality Alloy Wheels such as BBS, Oz Racing, AutoArt, Simmons, Forgestar, ADV1, HRE Wheels and Forgeline etc.

Our ‘One Stop Shop’ range includes supplying Brands like Milltek Exhaust’s, H&R Springs and Coil Overs, REMUS Exhaust’s, Eurocharged and OBD Performance Tunes and OXYTANE Fuel Treatments.

We have been developing our range of wheel brands that specialize in ‘Made to Order’ wheel sets for race and road cars that allow us to fit basically any vehicle, brake system.

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