VOSA Approved Test – BMW 535D

These tests were carried out at Unit 33, Sugarbrook Road, Aston Fields Industrial Estate, Bromsgrove, B60 3DN, England, on September 29th 2008.

Tests carried out using Bosch 350 callibrated Diesel Smoke tester and Rotronics Dynometer.

Vehicle: BMW
Mileage: 50000
YOM: 2006
Varient: 535d

The European Law allows a mean level of up to 3.0 k/m with an FTP mean of 1.5 k/m for diesel Passenger cars produced after 2002.

We then proceeded to run the car on the dynometer so ascertain the original power of the car.

As the results show the car ran very close to the manufacturer’s quoted figures. This is very good as the car was fitted with an automatic gearbox which usually lowers the dynometer power of a car by up to 10%.

After this test was completed we introduced 11ml of Oxytane directly into the fuel tank. We allowed the car to idle for 5 minutes before running the car on the dynometer for the equivalent of ten miles in order to allow the Oxytane to run through the entirety of the fuel system.

We then reproduced exactly the same MOT emissions test on the car to find how the Oxytane had affected the emissions output of this already highly efficient BMW engine. As you can see the results of the second test are fantastic. The emissions have been reduced by 33% bringing the mean value of 0.09k/m, down to 0.06k/m.

We then ran the car again on the dynometer to see if there was any resulting increase in power. The results were far beyond all expectations again. As you can see from the graph below the car produced an extra 4hp overall and an extra 6lbs/ft of torque. But in some places in the mid-range we saw an increase in torque of nearly 30lbs/ft and 21hp. This is a staggering improvement. With the car giving an improvement in power across the entire RPM band from low down, right the way through to the top at 4400rpm.

This car would have passed a UK emission test for an MOT with no problems at all. But to further reduce the emissions output of the car by 33% is a fantastic result. The car showed a huge improvement in the amount of fuel being burnt, along with a massive reduction in the fuel being

The end result of this product is a proven drop of 33% in the emissions output of this  vehicle.

The results have again surpassed all expectations, as just 11ml of Oxytane totally changed the cars emissions. We have seen and heard the additional benefits of using Oxytane with the engine note
becoming smoother and quieter than that of the car with no Oxytane.

With the added benefit of extra power as well, we must fully recommend the use of Oxytane on this vehicle in every tank of fuel.

Simon White.

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