VOSA Approved Test

Rover 25 1800cc petrol 2003

These tests were carried out at Unit 33, Sugarbrook Road, Aston Fields Industrial Estate, Bromsgrove, B60 3DN, England, on September 29th 2008.

Tests carried out using Bosch 350 calibrated Diesel Smoke tester and Rotronics Dynometer.

Vehicle: Rover
Mileage: 15911
YOM: 2003
Varient: 25 1800cc petrol

The European Law allows a level of up to 1.0 CO for this vehicle, with an MOT pass level of less than
0.20% CO. As you can see, this engine already had an output of 0.04. Concern was raised over the HC
reading of 72ppm, with the pass rate being less than 200ppm. The actual reading was 72ppm. This is
quite high for a reasonably low mileage vehicle.

As you can see, the CO was at 0.04% with HC at 72ppm.

We then added 11ml of Oxytane directly to the fuel supply to give the desired balance of 1ml to 1 gallon of fuel and allowed the car to idle for 5 minutes giving the fuel enough time to mix.

We proceeded to do a direct comparison test using the exact same procedure as the previous test.

The results were staggering. We saw a reduction in hydrocarbon’s (HC) of 54% bringing them down from 72ppm to 40ppm. This is in addition to a drop in CO emission by 50%, down from 1.04% to 1.02%.

Although the car would have passed a UK emission test for an MOT, the car was still in need of reducing the emissions as the HC output was fairly high for such a low mileage car.


The end result of this product is a proven drop of over 54% in Hydrocarbons and 50% in CO.

The results have surpassed all expectations, as just 11ml of Oxytane totally changed the cars emissions. An added benefit of the testing was a considerable drop in engine noise within moments of adding the Oxytane to the fuel tank. A quieter and smoother engine note was the result.

Simon White.

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