VOSA Approved Test

Toyota Celica 2.0 GT

These tests were carried out at Unit 33, Sugarbrook Road, Aston Fields Industrial Estate, Bromsgrove, B60 3DN, England, on September 16th 2008.

Tests carried out using Bosch 350 callibrated Diesel Smoke tester and Rotronics Dynometer.

Vehicle: Toyota
Mileage: 78709
YOM: 1995
Varient: Celica 2.0 GT

The European Law allows a level of up to 1.0 CO for this vehicle, but, as you can see, this engine already had an output of 0.63 but more concerning was the HC at 78ppm.

As you can see, the CO was at 0.63% with HC at 78ppm.

We then added 12ml of Oxytane directly to the fuel supply to give the desired balance of 1ml to 1 gallon of fuel and allowed the car to idle for 5 minutes giving the fuel enough time to mix.

We proceeded to do a direct comparison test using the exact same procedure as the previous test.

The results were of the biggest difference of all tests we have carried out so far with CO down to 0.13% and HC down to 29ppm.

This also meant that before oxytane was added to the vehicle it would not pass the MOT test for the UK market but afterwards passed with ease.

The end result of this product is a proven drop of over 60% in Hydrocarbons and over 75% in CO.

The results go beyond what can ever have been expected, 12ml of Oxytane totally  changed this cars emissions.

Simon White.

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